Saturday, 31 March 2012

girl's issue

Hi blog!
It’s 1st April so Happy April Fools’ Day!
Hope I don’t encounter any pranks today >.<

It’s 2am already and I need to wake up at 7am for Econs lecture tmr…
I really really dread going lei… Don’t even feel like going and I doubt I can even wake up…

Not helping that I’m having my monthly cramp now…
Haiz… I always get very pale and restless during the monthly thing and my cramp is damn bad…
I already have quite low pain threshold so the pain is always too much for me to handle.

That’s why I always turn to Panadol.
I’m a total addict now…
I easily go through half a box in 2 or 3 days >.<
V normal for me…

I’m also worried that I will suffer from kidney problems or osteoporosis when I’m old but then I really left with no choice haha…

Ok so today was the first econs revision lecture (tmr the second).
The lecturer looked like Dumbledore and was full of crap actually. Couldn’t really absorb what he said actually. He didn’t go through much questions, only question 1a, b, c and 2a in 6 hrs…

-.- I don’t know what to say, really. 6hrs lei…
He was trying to go through some econs concept instead of many questions… but I still cannot absorb… idk why la… too dumb.

But here’s what Dumbledore said in the beginning of the lecture that I rmb:

“If there’s one thing that you can take away from this lecture, then it will be this: it’s not about showing what you rmb, it’s about showing what you understand. In order to understand, you must first want to understand and secondly sit down quietly and practise as many questions as you can ON YOUR OWN”

I suppose ON YOUR OWN means without referring to solutions for help ba… and that’s the thing I’m guilty of.

Not that I got practice religiously la but whenever I do econs I refer to answer before trying.

And for econs you have this tendency that when you refer to the answer you’re like:


 But when you try to think and come up with your own answer you will be like:

“WTF?! This one never learn before lei!! How to do?!! OMG… where’s the solutions??!”

And when you find the solution booklet, the story repeats. : )

So freaking H.A.R.D
No wonder the passing rate for econs prelim is 2%... LMAO srsly.

Haven’t gotten my papers back yet but I’m prepared to see single digit results, all fail and one zero cos I didn’t attend the paper.
I leave it for you to guess which paper I skipped. ; )

bought at 11pm to satisfy cravings!!
I'm a sucker for chips >.<


tot this would be a great way to end my april fool's day post

Goodnight world : )

Thursday, 29 March 2012

zw's 21st

Hey blog! I’m back 2nd time with a long post! 

Ytd was a very eventful and jolly day haha… Was zw’s 21st and we went out to town to just have dinner and hang out ^^

I met zw first in 313 after her revision lecture was over… was late for more than half an hour but I warned her that I was going to reach late cos I was supposed to meet her at 4pm but 3pm I was still struggling to finish cooking my late lunch haha…

葱油饼 haha… Shall blog about it on a separate post next time since it was such an epic failure… I still go bother take photo of every step and progress of my baby… At least it looked nice, until u taste it hahaha… But my lesson learnt from it is that: never attempt a new recipe blindly and use salt sparingly.

Ooo! I learnt this recipe from my all-time favourite blogger/ YouTuber Queenie Chan! She’s so pretty! When I first started following her YouTube makeup tutorials I totally thought that she was max 25 years old. So when I saw her other video on her 40 years old makeup look I was O.O ASTONISHED? ZOMBIEFIED?  So shocked and ready to share her videos I showed zw her video the very next day first thing first in school haha…


Zw kinda agreed that she looks very young for her age too but I think she wasn’t as impressed as I was lah haha… And later on I also realized that she used to work as an air stewardess too! I think she was from Cathay Pacific but in pictures from her blog her uniform she wore on flights was blue so I not sure cos according to my extensive research, Cathay Pacific uniform is all red… But that could be because she was working before their uniforms were changed… Haha… Idk…

And btw, I do have an air stewardess fetish… right now I’m obsessed with air stewardess! And if one day I lose 20kg I will go for the SIA interview haha… but right now, dream on >.< and I’m obsessed with Bohtong’s blog too! Some people wrote on online forums that he’s a con, dangerous, nasty sour old man whatever shit but I don’t care… What harm can a retired man who offers extra “remedial classes” to prepare people for SIA interview do… Just enjoying his little juicy stories from his blog haha…

Back to where I was:

So after I finished frying my葱油饼, I kinda force fed myself half of it cos it was SO SALTY. Thank god I washed it down my throat with half a cup of green tea. I promise to be gentle with the “salt shaker” the next time I cook… And btw speaking of salt I have another thing to blog about…


I guess that might be a problem with an immature blogger? Ok I have to work on that. Stay on track.
So since cooking made me sweat a pail, I went for a quick shower and then drew on some quick eye makeup. Brought some grapes, tomato, 2 yakult and the other half of my  葱油饼 along with me so we could munch on something while waiting for the rest to reach <3 I’m so mama bear lolz.

So when I reached 313 zw was doing her homework at b3 tables, alone  -.- how sad is that to do homework alone on your birthday. But we soon started chatting like we own the place. Opps. I’m naturally loud what… I was telling her about my wisdom tooth extraction that I did last Monday and the pain I went through and how I gained 4kg in one week despite having been on a fluid diet… WTH right?

And then this uncle came to sit at the table beside us and he just kept staring… Throughout our convo he just kept looking at us as if we were his friends and he was joining in our discussion… Then zw realized and I think she tried to lip talk to ask what he was staring at so I lip talk back nei nei la… I presume… (.)(.)

I admit I’m kind of used to these LAO TIGO for obvious reasons. I always console myself aiya look then look la!  Nvm.  Not that I have a good figure, if I have a top model figure with big boobs I will dig out the eyes of these HORNY OLD MAN for sure!  But since it was getting more and more uncomfortable we decided to leave to shop at F21! Much happier right! ;)

Zw saw this purple dress on one of the F21 mannequin right in front of 1st floor entrance and we tried to search for it all over the 4 levels but to no avail leh… Though zw found the same dress in red (also last piece) but it was a size L so too big for her but good for me! Haha… but I felt bad cos our birthday girl liked the dress and so I went to ask for help from the salesgirl but they also say no more stock so have to reserve.


So bringing the inner bitch in me out, but still being nice and smiley said thanks and all I insisted we went back to level 1 for help (and this was when sm came to join us).
If that mannequin was not freaking 4 metres tall I would have ripped that purple dress off that plastic model liao! But I politely asked a guy staff this time if he could help us get the dress… then another salesgirl came and tippy toed to fiddle with the dress…




So in the end I got the red dress $29, a yellow tag (idk what that means) grey mickey tank top $22, and zw got a red tank top super cheap! $8! Smart buy! I very angry cos on the train ride home I realized the red dress is priced as $25 only but they stuck a $29 tag on top of it. WHY? Cos last piece? Shouldn’t last piece be discounted? Scratch head TTM…

3 of us went over to H&M to shop around next. Sm bought a formal black dress for her school presentation and I bought another 2 dress for $24.90 each. All good buy! ^^ haha… Then 7pm+, we decided to head over to Wild Honey first to book a table before qn and mao reached. They told us that we had to wait another 20mins so we were like ok we sit outside to wait. 

So sweet they had nice stools outside for us to rest our shopped till drop legs haha… then we camwhored a bit and guess who I spotted coming out from Wild Honey??? BONG QIU QIU!! Haha…

Rmb what I said about air stewardess?? BONG QIU QIU last time also air stewardess!! Haha… So u know how thrilled I was right hahaha…. I actually just started following her blog not long ago… 2 wks? Cos sm told me about her I think… Cos of her online rival or quarrel with her ex-bff Silver Ang…

I hope we besties don’t end up like that… It’s so sad haizz… I hope if I act like a bitch someday my friends can just close one eye and forgive me cos losing friends you know for sooooo long is extremely extremely heart breaking lei…



But then we still talked after that… like nothing happened… haha…

I think it’s cos I kept saying sorry although I tot that she was the petty one hahahahahahaha…


(opps side tracked!)

So I was like nudging sm lah and eye-ing her to look at BONG QIU QIU and she was blur at first but when she walked away I said BONG QIU QIU!! She so skinny and tall IRL omg I’m an envious sour lemon x)
Idk if she saw me nudging sm or not first time I saw a blogger/ ming xing IRL I also don’t know how to react haha… And I later came to a conclusion that she hates us hahaha!! (joking ah!) Cos after returning home I went to check her blog to see if she would have blogged about her trip to Wild Honey and she did lei! And she mentioned us even haha…

Idk to be proud of it or what just read:

“The only thing that is nice out of all, is egg. Cheh. Good also! I won't keep craving to go back =DDD Also it didn't help they ask us to leave the restaurant after our food, saying there are 5 pax waiting outside. Booooo." (from BONG QIU QIU’s blog)

And rmb I said we were camwhoring outside the restaurant? Later I saw that in one of the photos SHE WAS STARING INTO MY PHONE’S CAMERA… CREEPY OR WHAT???

exaggerating la haha… just joking not trying to be rude k! haha… I wonder how these bloggers/ ming xing react when they come across random people who say HI to them on the street haha…

So I whatsapped the rest to tell them and qn’s reply was so funny:

“omg we sound so da pai chase blogger out”

Hahaha… cracked me up lo… LOL good to be “da pai” for once haha… anyway it’s not even our fault. Can only say that Wild Honey 有眼不识泰山! Haha they dare to chase blogger out. See la lose future potential customers for 5 pax lo haha… (Jk! Jk!)

Food at wild honey was rather good but I expected more lei since so many people raving about how good it was… Idk. I feel that everything was overly salted… Omg I was so scared of salt by that time ;( And anyway the idea of eating breakfast over dinner was weird. Me don’t like haha…

Sm and qn seemed to have enjoyed their orders v much lei but qn had smoked salmon, raw I dun like, and sm had some raw bacon thing, I also dun like. But I actually ate it without knowing it’s raw at first. No raw taste lei in fact very tasty but again very salty… T.T But the idea of eating raw meat just distastes me IDK why haha…




But birthday girl zw had the worst dish… In my opinion it tasted quite bad… she had the salmon, asparagus, rosti thing… the asparagus was bland, salmon was fishy and I think abit too dry and the rosti omg qn and I were joking that it tasted like the fried dong fen that those big Chinese restaurant put underneath fried appetizers haha… TOO dry…


So I liked my English breakfast best. Next time don’t know what to order, just stick with signature dish.

my English breakfast dinner 

And being the biggest eater that I know of, even I also couldn’t finish the entire English breakfast. So mao finished the rest of the ¼ since she came latest and didn’t order anything cos she BOLUI again >.<

After the plates were cleared mao took out her big ass card she helped us draw for zw and I just conveniently started writing in it in front of zw. Haha… WHAT A SURPRISE HUH? So zw v zi dong she went to the toilet and walked around that level but when she came back I still haven’t finish writing yet haha…

So zw waited until I finished and we went out again to walk around so the rest can finish up the card peacefully haha…

OMG this was the funniest part of the night. Took crazy pictures of one another all around the hotel. Zw asked me to direct her with some top model move haha… Wrong idea! Guagua!!!

Failed attempts of TOP-MODEL-POSE. LOL




we see ghost! O.O

ANTM all star- booty tooch

 tried to imitate the LAO-TIGO that we met in 313 

XMM want to go for a ride? heh heh heh...

When we went back to the restaurant the card was completed… Waaa decorated so pretty. Haha… So we left the restaurant at almost 10 and roamed around again to take photos…

So many people offered to help us take photos haha… I commented that ATAS place the people there also different HUH… LOLZ

You go zoo say “excuse moi, can you hh….” Haven’t finish saying then people walk away already… high class people in mandarin gallery offer to help you take.. TOUCHED ;) HAHA.

my gd idea
cannot stop laughing at this ahahaha...

qn sm zw mao
asian head for sale!

Such an eventFULL and tiring day. We were all drained but super happy!!

Love me friends <3

More 10 years to come!!  

一起老吧! ^^

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hey Internet!

Yea! Yippy! I'm so thrilled now that I've started a brand new blog once again! So excited that I can write down all kinds of my crazy shit here!! Yahooooo!!

Not finalised with the template, banner, widgets yet but I guess I should do all that another day... I should go get some revision done first for the rest of today...


Exams are starting in around one month's time and I am totally not prepared... I haven't even touched/flipped open most textbooks yet not to mention read its contents... And 80% of the time during lectures I would drift off into lala-land so that's not helping either!!


I should be worried... BTW, finance sucks... I loathe it with all my heart... hate it...

Blabbers shall be continued next time.... Bye! <3